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Shabbat on Lawn Chairs

07/23/2020 02:29:40 PM


We have been working for some time on a way to safely share services outdoors at the synagogue simultaneously with everyone online. With firm restrictions* in place and weather permitting, we will do so for the first time this Shabbat!

If the following restrictions are not followed completely and by everyone, we will not be able to continue offering in person activities.

If you are at high risk for COVID-19, would have difficulty reaching and setting up your own seating area without help, or would be uncomfortable joining us in any way, join us via Zoom as usual! 

How this will work:

  • We will still be streaming services through Zoom as usual.
  • The building will not be open (including no restroom use).
  • Services will be held in the parking lot directly in front of the entrance, with the "bimah" at the main entrance.
  • We have space for 45 "groups," first come first serve. Once we hit 45 groups, anyone else will unfortunately be asked to leave.
  • A "group" must live in the same household and be able to fit in one parking space.
  • Each group will get one parking space to set up in, using every other parking space, which ensures 8 feet of social distancing.
  •  You will need to bring your own chairs, ritual items, and prayerbook.**
  • When arriving, you may only park in the entrance driveway or behind the Temple (not in the parking lot in front of the entrance).
  • You must wear a mask at all times, except while you are within your parking space.

If we need to cancel due to weather or other reasons, we will send an announcement by email on Friday afternoon the day of the service. Like each time before we have done something new with our worship, please be patient as no matter how much preparation there will be a bit of learning while doing.

Thank you,
Rabbi Jim Stoloff

* These restrictions comply with NJ, CDC, and WHO guidelines for outdoor gatherings. It is a slightly more strict version of the guidelines for outdoor dining, with increased social distancing minimums.

** If you would like a Shabbat prayer book, please email  and we can arrange for you to pick one up during office hours or for one to be dropped off at your home. Prayerbooks will not be available from the Temple at the service.

Wed, October 28 2020 10 Cheshvan 5781