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Religious School

Our Goals and Objectives

Temple Avodat Shalom Religious School strives to provide a high quality, stimulating and engaging Jewish education that helps foster a strong Jewish identity, community participation and love of Judaism.  We strive to inspire our students to continue to absorb our history, traditions, values and the Hebrew language, now and throughout their lives.

Through project-based, whole-child and whole-family learning, we will immerse our students in Jewish education in a way that is modern, engaging, meaningful, and puts our students and families first.

Our goals:

  • Our students will identify themselves as Jews and will value participating in a lifetime of learning and living Judaism.
  • Our students will apply Torah as lived through the Reform Jewish experience to every aspect of their lives, leading to a commitment to the ethical teachings of our tradition.
  • Our students will learn about and observe the ritual mitzvot (commandments) related to Shabbat, holidays, life-cycle and prayer, knowing what is required in order to respond appropriately within a Reform context.
  • Our students will feel comfortable and will achieve a level of competence to the best of their ability regarding the reading, chanting, comprehension and interpretation of various t’fillot (prayers).
  • Our students will express a love of Israel (her land and her people) appreciating how the Jewish homeland is central for Jewish life today.

Individualized Learning Program:

Every child has strengths and challenges when it comes to learning. At Temple Avodat Shalom Religious School we are committed to providing the best Jewish educational experience possible for all children, including those with additional learning needs. Through extra support staff in classrooms, one-on-one time as needed, and training for all of our teachers in differentiated instruction, we aim to ensure that every student gets the support they need to receive a strong, well-rounded Jewish education.

The Individualized Learning Program is supported by a grant from Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey and is open to Members and Nonmembers alike.

Sun, April 18 2021 6 Iyyar 5781