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Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct 2018-19

Temple Avodat Shalom (TAS) Religious School, including Temple Avodat Shalom Teen Experience (TASTE), is committed to fostering respect for all individuals and peoples and to an educational environment that is safe and free from discrimination for all students, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race or ethnicity, or of any physical or mental disabilities, and to facilitate compliance with local, state and federal laws concerning bullying, harassment and discrimination.  TAS also supports and respects the privacy of its students and members. 

1. Any student who is found by the Educational Director, in consultation with the Rabbi and President of TAS, to have engaged in bullying, harassment or discrimination for any reason, including on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race or ethnicity, or on the basis of any physical or mental disabilities, or to have violated the privacy of other students, the professional staff or congregants shall be subject to appropriate punishment, including suspension and expulsion.

2. Students shall respect the right of each student and member of the professional staff to be addressed by a name and pronoun that corresponds to the student’s or staff member’s gender identity.

3. Students shall have access to TAS restrooms that correspond to their gender identity consistently asserted at school.

4. The use of and/or possession of alcoholic beverages, any illegal drug, and/or tobacco during any TAS session and/or event, even if the participant is of legal age, is strictly forbidden.  Any student who is caught violating this rule will be suspended and/or expelled from TAS with no refund of tuition. 

5. Vandalism, disturbing the peace, or other inappropriate behavior, as determined by the Educational Director, or committing an act that is in violation of federal, state or local law will not be tolerated at any TAS programs or TAS related social media. Punishment, including the payment for any property damage, will be determined by the Educational Director in consultation with the Rabbi and President of TAS.  State and/or federal punishment may also be considered.

6. Students are not allowed to leave the premises during the hours that TAS is in session unless there is a special program off campus.

7. The TAS calendar, as published on the website, will be followed unless changes are made by the Educational Director.

8. No guests are allowed to attend a TAS program without the prior permission of the Educational Director.  Visitors must provide written permission from their parent or legal guardian in order to attend any TAS session and/or program.

9. Any rules announced by the Educational Director during the course of the year shall be observed as though they were written rules, and have the same weight as those rules included in this code.

10. The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited during class time, except as permitted by the teacher.  Students, however, may use them during the break inside the building.

11. No gambling is allowed at any TAS program.

12. Students who arrive late will sign in with a member of the staff.  Students who need to leave early must provide written permission from their parent or guardian.

Sun, April 18 2021 6 Iyyar 5781