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TAS Welcome Policy

TAS Welcomes all Jews and Their Family Members,
Regardless of Race, Ethnicity, Gender Identity and Expression, Sexual Orientation or Levels of Religious Observance

TAS is a welcoming community that embraces a diversity of life experiences and Jewish journeys and fosters connections, communication and support among our members. In alignment with our values, vision and mission, TAS welcomes all Jews of varying degrees of religious practice and knowledge and their family members, regardless of their gender identity or expression or sexual identity, in the community life of the congregation. We invite straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and other gender non-conforming (LGBTQ+) individuals, whether single or as a couple, with or without children, to join our community, using the same membership categories applicable to all other members.  We also welcome all Jews and their family members irrespective of their race or ethnicity as we acknowledge and support the wide variety of Jewish experiences  and levels of religious observance in our world today.

Jewish straight and LGBTQ+ members are encouraged to celebrate milestones in their lives, including anniversaries, by being called to the Torah for an Aliyah and other means of participation during services. TAS celebrates with all members as their life cycle events are shared with the congregation.

We support all our members, including our straight and LGBTQ+ members, who choose to sanctify their unions with wedding or commitment ceremonies. Prior to these ceremonies, couples are encouraged to celebrate an aufruf with the community at Shabbat services.

All members and their children are entitled to the services of TAS’s clergy for the purpose of sanctifying their weddings or commitment ceremonies on an equal basis. In determining whether to perform the ceremony, the clergy will utilize the same criteria for same-sex commitment ceremonies and heterosexual weddings.  Our clergy do not officiate interfaith weddings, but are willing to serve as resources, counsel a couple who chooses such a direction, and refer them to clergy who do officiate.

All members, including our LGBTQ+ members who adopt or give birth to children and interfaith families are encouraged to bring their children into the Jewish covenant through public rites, including but not limited to Brit Milah for boys and Simchat Bat for girls. Our congregation celebrates public covenant ceremonies during Shabbat services for all of our children regardless of their gender identity or expression.

TAS is committed to making our educational programming a welcoming and comfortable environment for children of all families. We commit ourselves to educating the children in our Religious School in a way that fosters acceptance of diversity. All educational programming, for both children and families, carry the same expectations and privileges for participation and involvement for LGBTQ+ families and heterosexual families and facilitate participation by families of all levels of religious observance.

TAS is committed not only to welcoming LGBTQ+ members but also to engaging in actions that support and promote the rights of those members within our community and the society at large. As part of our commitment to ensuring that all people are seen and respected, we do not assume anyone’s gender identity or pronouns based on appearance.  Please see Respect for Your Pronouns.

Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyyar 5784