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MyScripWallet is the ordering tool for ScripNow® eCards. MyScripWallet is not an app. It’s a mobile website that can be used from a cell phone or mobile device. MyScripWallet is supported for both Safari (iPhone) and Chrome (Android).

You’ll use your existing  ShopWithScrip® username and password to login. You pay with PrestoPay (it links to your checking account).  If you don’t have a username and password, or PrestoPay, you can sign up through the TAS website Gift Card page.

When MyScripWallet  first launches, any currently registered cards that you previously reloaded will appear in your wallet. You can order from MyScripWallet or and all eCards will appear in your wallet.

For now, you’ll have an Enter Balance button for each of your eCards and Reload cards so you can record the balance yourself each time you use the card. Future plans include a feature to check the balance on MyScripWallet for retailers that allow it.

Some retailers aren’t quite ready for mobile redemption yet, and they require the printed eCard or physical gift card at checkout. If that’s the case, you’ll see a note in red clearly indicating that when you are ordering and when viewing the eCards/Reload cards in your wallet. You can log in to your ShopWithScrip account from your computer to print out your ScripNow eCard for those retailers that require it. No warning message means that you can present the eCard at checkout from your phone.

You’ll receive an email confirmation when your reload has processed. Funds are added overnight for regular Reloads ordered Monday through Friday by 3:30 PM Eastern. ReloadNow items paid for will be ready in minutes. Look for the designation Reload or ReloadNow on the ordering list to tell which type of ecard it is.

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