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Planned Giving

Welcome to Temple Avodat Shalom’s planned giving webpage, and thank you for your interest in visiting us today. This page is intended to help you consider your future planning to help TAS.

One of the things congregants often say about TAS is that the congregation and clergy are an important part of congregants’ lives. From new babies to childhood education, from youth group to teen programs, from b’nai mitzvah to adult education, and from illness to end-of-life services, many TAS members feel that the congregation cares about them. Many TAS members feel that TAS is among their family or closest of friends.

That is why many members of TAS choose to include the Temple in their final plans –they want to make sure that their loved ones include not only their spouse, children, and grandchildren, but another close member of the family, Temple Avodat Shalom.

Estate planning options: Here are a few simple ways for you to include the Temple in your future estate plan:

Your Will

Include TAS in your Will, for some amount that is meaningful for you. This can be done in a simple amendment to your Will, called a codicil. This can be stated as a specific dollar amount or a percentage or fraction.

Life Insurance

Name TAS as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy; it could be a specific dollar amount of a percentage or fraction of the death benefit.

IRA or Retirement Plan

You can also name TAS a beneficiary of your retirement plan, for either a specific dollar amount or a percentage or fraction of your IRA or plan.

Lifetime Planning Options

There are also some ways for you to make a planned gift benefiting TAS before your estate plan:

Gifts of Stock

By giving stock to TAS, in certain circumstances you can make a gift valued at today’s fair market value of the stock and avoid capital gains tax that you would otherwise have to pay if you sold the stock. The stock must qualify as long term capital gain and is subject to other provisions of state and federal tax law.

Charitable Trusts

There are also tax advantages of establishing a charitable trust for TAS. A charitable remainder trust allows donors to make a gift to their own trust today, take an annuity payment each year, and on death the remainder can pass to TAS. A charitable lead trust allows the donor to make a gift today, and for a term of years the trust pays an annuity to TAS; after the term ends, the trust assets pass to non-charitable beneficiaries (for example, children or grandchildren. These trusts require quite a bit of planning and you should consult your tax advisors.

We are happy to speak with you about any of these options; please contact or the Temple office for further details.

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784